About Me

This blog is prepared by Bob C. Cleckler, B.S.Ch.E. (retired Chemical Engineer) who has been passionately working since 1985 to help end our very real literacy crisis. He is Founding Chairman of Literacy Research Associates, Inc., a non-profit educational corporation . . . .

He discovered a proven solution to English functional illiteracy and wrote a book, Let's End Our Literacy Crisis which was published and totally financed in 2005 by American University & Colleges Press, an imprint of American Book Publishing. Gary Sprunk, M.A.English Linguistics, purchased Cleckler's book from Amazon.com in 2005 and volunteered (Cleckler did not request or even suggest that he do so) to help promote the proposed solution to English functional illiteracy. He formed NuEnglish, Inc., a non-profit educational corporation and a 501(c)(3) organization. Together Cleckler and Sprunk perfected the proposed solution and after additional research Cleckler wrote Let's End Our Literacy Crisis, Revised Edition, also published and totally financed by American Book Publishing, in May 2009. Gary commissioned the production of the company home page, http://nuenglish.org and two other websites, http://nuenglish.com and http://nuenglish.net. Gary developed a computer program, Respeller, which will very quickly convert up to 25 pages of traditionally spelled English into the proposed spelling system, NuEnglish, at no cost for anyone who visits the company home page. Gary also wrote a book, Beginner's NuEnglish Workbook. which was published in 2008 by Author House.

The extent and seriousness of English functional illiteracy is almost certainly much worse than you realize, but the solution is far easier than you would ever dare to dream. The details and proof of what Cleckler and Sprunk are proposing can be found at http://LearnToReadNow.org.