The numbers coming out of the Department of Education regarding literacy are not looking very good. Because of this, it is important for parents to take a more active role in developing the literacy of their children. Now that you are here, you have help.

This help can come in three ways:

  1. If you have a child who has now left school without learning to read or an adult friend or relative who cannot read, you can teach them to read NuEnglish with only a few days or weeks of instruction as explained on our humanitarian project website, page 10. Click here. You will, no doubt, need to assure yourself that this is both necessary and that it will be successful by reading all of this website, not just page 10. You will be able to prepare all the teaching materials you need by using the Respeller program on our NuEnglish, Inc. website (http://nuenglish.org). Be sure that any reading material you prepare for your students is something in which they are interested, so that you can develop in them a love for reading. After your student(s) learn to read, teach them how to use Respeller. Show them how to use a scanner to prepare a file of anything they want to be able to read and paste it into the Respeller box for conversion to NuEnglish. Show them how to prepare a print version. If you want additional teaching materials and information after reading the websites mentioned above, see the break-through book Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis, Revised Edition (click Buy the Book on the homepage). To order the Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis Workbook, an 8-1/2 by 11 in., 182 page book containing teaching guidelines, 74 lessons based upon Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld’s book Alphaphonics and The NuEnglish version of the 52 lessons from McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer (as well as additional information about English spelling) for only $14.95, contact the author at literacy_research@msn.com. Also available is the workbook prepared by Gary Sprunk, M.A., English Linguistics, Beginner’s NuEnglish Workbook, available from http://nuenglish.com.

  2. Sign the petition on page 10 of our website, mentioned above. If enough people sign this petition, it will become difficult for educators and politicians to continue to ignore the only proven method of at long last permanently ending our very real English literacy crisis. It can start slowly (for example in your state) and then expand to other states as the success is seen in your state, it can start simultaneously in many states at once, or it can start in another English speaking nation and then be adopted here when the success it enjoys there becomes evident. It could even be adopted first, for example, in China, as means gaining a trade advantage by enabling a higher percentage of Chinese to be fully literate in English than the percentage in the U.S. who are fully literate in English. This is a possibility because — at present — English is the most-used language for communicating with those who do not speak a person’s native language. English is spoken more than any other language or dialect except Mandarin Chinese; nearly all speakers of Mandarin Chinese are in China. Because of the huge vocabulary of English, compared to all other languages, and because of the use of English for so many “global” uses, English is more suitable as a “second language” than any other language. The only impediment to even more rapid expansion of the use of English is the illogical, inconsistent, chaotic spelling which makes learning to read take at least two years for most students who become literate in English. About half of the students in the U.S. never become fully fluent in reading English.

  3. As you know, no one can act upon a humanitarian project — no matter how worthy — if they do not know about it. In short, nothing succeeds without publicity. The ideal publicity comes from celebrities. Almost no one knows the founders of Literacy Research Associates, Inc. and NuEnglish, Inc. Their 25 years of work means nothing to most people. If you know a celebrity personally, or if you know someone who knows a celebrity personally, and they are interested in education, literacy, or dyslexia, please urge them to read our company home pages (http://LearnToReadNow.org and http://NuEnglish.org). Do NOT urge them to read these websites, however, unless you have read them and are perceptive enough to know that what is presented can, in fact, help hundreds of millions of English-speaking people around the world who are functionally illiterate in English to learn to read who otherwise never will. See the very end of the blog “Names of Celebrities Falsely (?) Claiming Interest in Education, Literacy, or Dyslexia” (the third blog available by clicking on “Read Soon Blog” on the home page) which lists 73 celebrities who have professed an interest in education, literacy, and/or dyslexia. In addition, far more celebrities claim to be very interested in ending poverty. One of the major causes of poverty is illiteracy.