Illiteracy in English Is Far Worse Than You Think!

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Several respected linguistic and educational experts have stated that with our present method of teaching reading, many students — even some of our brightest students — will never become fluent readers. Almost every American can read at least a thousand simple words learned in the first three grades in school. If that is all they can read, however, they are functionally illiterate.

Here is an unexpectedly vital question for you. What percentage of U.S. adults do you think are functionally illiterate? The percentage is undoubtedly far higher than the number that probably popped into your mind. The American media are complicit in hiding both the true extent and seriousness of the problem of functional illiteracy.

Please take this as a personal challenge to discover the truth of how serious and how widespread functional illiteracy in English really is by honestly evaluating the very factual and revealing website, Many people never learn the number of functionally illiterate Americans among us, but with more than 1.4 billion English-speaking people around the world, it is at least hundreds of thousands too many — especially if it unknowingly includes one of your loved ones.

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