The Proven Method of Ending Functional Illiteracy in English

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If you read no other book this year, read Letís End Our Literacy Crisis, Revised Edition! Solving our very serious literacy crisis is so important that every responsible English-speaking person should be willing to spend the time needed to read this breakthrough book rather than just scanning here and there in an attempt to decide if you really want to make such a time investment. The issues it covers are so complicated and varied than an adequate evaluation cannot be made without honestly, systematically reading all of it. If you want to see the facts that should convince any compassionate person to examine this breakthrough book, examine the facts in our Ending Functional Illiteracy in English website. The second revision of this indispensible book is available at no cost or obligation of any kind in the left-hand column of this Ending Functional Illiteracy in English website, as a 265-page e-book in .pdf format.
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