Functional Illiteracy and Crime

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Discussing the illiteracy problem and its effect on crime, former first lady Barbara Bush stated, "All this tells us that some people can't make a living in the legitimate world, and they turn to crime and sometimes even to drugs out of frustration. I'm not making excuses for them. I'm just telling you a fact of life." Crime presently costs the U.S. $675 billion or more each year, and the cost of running prisons, jails, probation and parole systems is another $60 billion each year.

Even if we conservatively estimate that only 30 percent of the expense of crime is due to functional illiteracy, it still amounts to $221 billion each year. With 153 million or more taxpayers, that amounts to $1444 each every year. We desperately need a more effective, quicker method of teaching students to read and to end English functional illiteracy. (This website has more than one pleasant surprise for you.) For more details of the humanitarian project of Literacy Research Associates, Inc. and NuEnglish, Inc., two non-profit educational corporations, and for a proven, simple-to-implement solution that has never been tried in English, see our breakthrough book, Let's End Our Literacy Crisis, Revised Editioncontaining our proposal for definitely and permanently ending our literacy crisis.

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