Are You Too Busy to Help (Yourself and Others) For a Few Minutes?

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If your are very busy, as many of us tend to be, you may be tempted to quickly scan these blogs to see if there is something interesting that you can spend a short time on as a diversion from your busyness. What you undoubtedly do not know — and that which I am unable to convince you in these short blogs — is how extensive and serious the problem of English functional illiteracy really is and how it adversely affects every English-speaking person around the world, not just the illiterates hidden among us. The details of English functional illiteracy — and more importantly the proven, easy way the problem can be permanently solved — deserve everyone's careful attention.

No humanitarian project — no matter how worthy — can succeed unless enough people know about it. Permanently ending English functional illiteracy is the humanitarian project of Literacy Research Associates, Inc. and NuEnglish, Inc. (two non-profit educational corporations, click "About" in the heading). That is why we urge you to carefully, honestly examine our website (by clicking on ending English functional illiteracy). In this skeptical age when people are very suspicious of something that seems "too good to be true," you may need to carefully evaluate the much more authoritative and comprehensive facts found in the breakthrough book, Let's End Our Literacy Crisis, Second Revision, a 265 page ebook published in February 2012, which can be downloaded in .pdf format at no cost to you. If you want a print copy or to ask questions about our humanitarian project, Email me. This illustrated book has 164 pages of text, 46 pages in eight appendixes containing several extensive tables of data, a glossary, 178 extensive end notes and references, an exensive bibliography, a table of contents, and an index, among other features. You can receive a print copy for $15.00, which is my cost from a local print-on-demand printer. For the sake of hundreds of millions of English functional illiterates around the world (and more than 93 million in the U.S. alone) and for decreasing the costs that each of us and our nation must bear (which are undoubtedly far more than you realize), please take time to honestly examine the facts.

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